Synthwave and chillwave unashamedly influenced by the soundtracks of decades of dystopian future visions and the inevitable takeover by our machine overlords.

A.U.W swings through breakbeat, trance, tech-house, arriving with full synthwave mode enabled.

It is the electronic music project of Dom Cresswell; pushing strong melodic and harmonic content out of lush synthesiser hardware.

Supported by Synthetix of RetroSynth Records.


In 2021 A.U.W began performing live as the residents of D U S K W A V E S - A new live music event in the South of the U.K, Featuring new tracks and an exclusive vocal support from elevendotone, and alongside the likes of VIEON, BEKIMACHINE, Rodney Cromwell and Infra Violet. July will also see AUW perform at the Tunbridge Wells Forum (Kent) on 27th July and Hot Box Live Events (Chelmsford, Essex) 22nd July

Multiple releases across the year included two singles, an E.P , various remixes and a debut album Across the Plains. The sound ranges across facets of darksynth, retrowave, chillsynth and cyberpunk. The first album packs a a punch and is heavily led by M13, with more dark synth vibes with Storm Bolter.  Described by Outworld Sounds as "a beautifully crafted cinematic treat and a great addition to any synth lover's collection."

The first vocal track The Window Show was released early in 2022, and the second album, Twilight Drives, has a more chilled tone than before and is naturally a reflective evolution compared with previous releases. Laid back tempos, subtler breakbeats, but retaining its use of retro synthesiser sounds, and signature synthwave traits.

A.U.W have also featured with synthpop two-piece Young Empress after remixing their fantastic single  Ghosts , and have been recently performed this live along with a remix of Memory Box with long-term collaborator eclectic synth-pop maestro Rodney Cromwell, of which Spill Magazine says; "The second mix, by Retrosynth Records artist AUW, is a slice of dark synthwave, pitched somewhere between Kavinsky and Pye Corner Audio" 


A synthwave event in the South of the U.K from AUW of RetroSynth Records

Next Event : Saturday July 16th 2022 - 1:30pm-7:00pm
Rochester Pizza Lounge, Kent

A.U.W have teamed up with some alternative synth musicians to provide unique social live events in the daytime hours.

We are super excited to announce that our next event will be our biggest yet, and have live performances including Aztec Records' Young Empress, Infra Viole, and accompanied by DJ and live-streamer Foxy Lockhart, reknowned blogger Synthwave83 will be bringing her debut DJ performance.

DUSKWAVES is uniquely a *free* entry event, and designed to be open to all ages and backgrounds and at daytime venues, making it the ideal event even for those with family as well as traditional synthfans. 

We are always looking out for new artists to work with, so go ahead and check out details of those involved below and register interest via the following links:

A.U.W Connections

Collaborator and Vocalist

Beki is an electronic musician, flautist, twitch streamer and video game addict!

With a remix collaboration now in the bag, and upcoming performance at
D U S K W A V E S it is a pleasure for A.U.W to be working with such prodigious talent, bringing her unique sound and energy to the stage.

Collaborator and Vocalist

A.U.W's go-to vocalist, appearing extensively on the in-progress <Windowed View> LP.

An introverted extrovert helping to express a unique view on our present dystopian world. 

Rodney Cromwell
Collaborator and Vocalist

From Catford in South London, Rodney Cromwell delivers intelligent synth-pop about paranoia, despair, love, loss and depression with an upbeat pop sensibility.

A.U.W have been regular remixer and often producer for a number of works on the Happy Robots record label,

RetroSynth Records
Bandcamp Label, Streaming & Visuals

A hugely respected label, providing strong support to a range of Synthwave and Electronica artists, RetroSynth support A.U.W through their Synthetix sub-label.

With a fantastic YouTube channel full of an array of sounds and styles, RetroSynth also provide visuals and streaming.

Providing classic-vibes scene venue!

An old school record shop, repair shop, streaming studio, social hub for DJs, producers and music lovers in Rochester, Kent, who have opened their arms to the D U S K W A V E S event.

Professional electronic engineers with the skills, tools and resources to repair a wide range of equipment.


Usher G. Beekeeper. Musician. Horticulturalist.

Recent collaborator with A.U.W, hailing from the USA -  after a mutual respect forming with the remix of 'Homewrecker' new material is already on the go.

Together they are pushing their synths sounds to new boundaries.
More to come soon. 

Supporters, Friends, Thanks

Foxy Lockhart - streamer
sighlok - artist
Soylent Chiba - artist and youtube
SubFire - mixing and mastering service

© Copyright 2021 Dom Cresswell. All Rights Reserved.

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