A synthwave social event in the South of the U.K founded by A.U.W of RetroSynth Records.

Next Event : 16th Jully 2022 (Rochester Pizza Lounge)
Live Music between 1:30pm-7pm

Our fifth and latest event is going to be our biggest d u s k w a v e s event yet!

We'll be taking over a lovely garden spot in the heart of historic Rochester this summer to showcase even more alternative synth musicians.

Enjoy a cool drink with fresh vibes as Forged in Neon's The Lounge brings you an opening chillsynth selection to set the tone, plus we'll have residents AUW on hand with a DAWLess synth and vocal performance.

We'll also see the return of the brilliant synth-pop duo Infra Violet, along with Dawn of Synthwave83 and Foxy Lockheart bringing you some fantastic synthwave DJ sets, whilst you relax with food and drink on hand all day,

Headlining the event will be the fantastic Young Empress bringing us our boldest lineup yet and cementing DUSKWAVES reputation of supporting grass-roots synth scene.

Huge thanks goes to Synthwave83, Forged in Neon and RetroSynth Records for the event backing.

Join us for an afternoon of synth jams, electronic nostalgia, and social revelry on Saturday 16nd July 2022 - Music from 1:30pm-7pm


M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T

Our primary aim with D U S K W A V E S is to provide a platform for synthwave based artists in the U.K. to get themselves heard through live events.

We are looking to provide a route for artists who might not be as well established in the scene to play live, and also to those who want to contribute to broadening the depth of the synthwave scene, and feature at attended venues and through regular live-streaming of our events, with help from our partners at RetroSynth Records.

By establishing a pool of dedicated artists, D U S K W A V E S aims to be a front runner in grassroots live synth music; providing artists with an established brand under which they can perform, at scheduled events and venues. We are open to multiple sub-genres of synthwave, and would like to see creative performances where possible.

All of those involved in the project currently do so for free and our events remain free entry and as a result we cannot offer payment for playing - we fully understand that asking any artist to give their art for free is difficult, and so we make this known to everyone up-front.

Our events are aimed at afternoon / early evening slots. Not only do we feel this gives us a good opportunity to appeal to a sometimes older or more socially committed fanbase, but also means we can take advantage of alternative venues who will provide a space for free, and will not open up competition with established club nights.

We want to build a community event, both in terms of the events themselves and the attendees but also in their organisation and any artist’s involvement, either on an event organisational, technical or promotional level will be rewarded through the event billing.

Where possible we will also support artists in using our events to sell merchandise, or promote a specific new music release.

Dom and Seb - D U S K W A V E S founders

E V E N T   R E Q U I R E M E N T S

If you are considering putting forward a new venue / event in your area under the D U S K W A V E S name, we'd be happy to hear from you to discuss further! The event requires just the following:

— Venue - agreed date and time. Minimum 2 hours between 1pm and 6pm
— Streaming facilities - cameras, laptop, OBS, using an agreed layout, to be mirrored via RetroSynth Records.
— Minimum of 2 live acts to perform for 45-60 minutes each.


P R E V I O U S   E V E N T S

Saturday 2nd April 2022 (The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London)

Featuring AUW, VIEON and Bekimachine 

A truly epic event - write up to follow.... 

Check out the footage from the following links:

P R E V I O U S   E V E N T S

Saturday 29th January 2022 (Decktronix Record Store)

Following on from the successes with the first two events, residents A.U.W returned to the debut home of Decktronix with more dawless performance material and a taste of what is to come from their 2022 releases.

At a time of social events has often struggled, we were super pleased to be able to entertain a good number of visitors via the shop.

With a last minute change of plan, the day opened with some eclectic chillsynth under the guidance of The Lounge via Forged in Neon. AUW then took to the stage to blast a number of tracks old an new with their dawless synth performance. Lastly we were accompanied by renowned online streamer, and synthwave DJ Foxy Lockhart who gave  us a rich platter of classic and lesser heard synth sound to set the tone for the event.

The event was recorded for re-streaming, and visuals were supplied thanks to our partnership with the brilliant and highly respected U.S. based RetroSynth Records and highlighted clips are available via the AUW YouTube channel.

Check out the footage from the following links:

P R E V I O U S   E V E N T S

Saturday November 20th 2021 - ALBUM PREVIEWS & MORE

Our second event in the South of the U.K, at Deptford saw reach out to the fantastic Little Nan's Bar in Deptford - a truly unique venue under the local railway arches and a real eclectic and original space to be in.

This was a more band-centric set of performances, with event residents A.U.W  live performance featuring a number of songs from the new album 'Across the Plains' on its release weekend, and with A.U.W vocalist elevendotone on top form.

Long-time support of the events, and top banana of Happy Robot's Records Rodney Cromwell (and his band) provided the second act of the night, with his usual brand of sardonic humour on display alongside lots of new songs from the album 'Memory Box' and a crushing finale featuring no less than 3 melodicas.

Our final act came in the form of synth-pop duo Infra Violet, who delivered a beautiful set full of melodic fun and warmth, combining their synth stylings with wonderful guitar and vocal skills.

The entire event was recorded for re-streaming with our U.S. partners RetroSynth Records and to share with the Happy Robots Record team.

Check out the footage from the following links:

P R E V I O U S   E V E N T S

Saturday October 9th 2021 - OPENING EVENT

A synthwave event in the South East of the U.K, at Rochester from A.U.W of RetroSynth Records

Our inaugural event saw us team up with the guys at Decktronix Records to showcase some alternative synth musicians in their fantastic record shop with true old-school vibes, delivering unique live performance, including unheard tracks, and joined by our regular A.U.W vocalist.

We were accompanied by the very talented and upcoming star Bekimachine - providing a vocal performance with her unique fusion of gaming inspired synth-pop and cyberpunk.

Decktronix are serial synth hardware fanatics themselves, and are the go-to for synth and music repairs, with their old school record shop and streaming studio, becoming a social hub for DJs, producers and music lovers. 

The entire event was live-streamed in partnership with the brilliant and highly respected RetroSynth Records in the U.S, and via the Decktronix Facebook page.

The wonderful Rochester Pizza Lounge provided food and drink, and access to their outdoor seating area right by the venue, giving everyone access to great pizzas and cocktails

Check out the footage from the following links:

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